06 January 2011

Return of the Wang.

Back from New York. Migraines basically ruled my trip :( But I did manage to get some shopping in and found a couple new favorite restaurants so it wasn't a total bust. I'll post pics next time (hopefully?). I'm wicked horrible at getting things like that done... plus I barely took any. I was with two boys who hate taking pictures so what is a blogger to do?? (other than take her own photos in the dressing room...)
I just found out I have to leave for London a few days sooner than expected which really added a ton of stress to my already great amount. So much to get done by MONDAY!!! Sheesh!
HOWEVER! To look at that diet pepsi half full, I will be going to the opening night and Gala of the Palm Springs International Film Festival which means I get to get all snazzy and fancy!! Mmmm and stare at ANDREW GARFIELD all night. wow. 

Ok it's late and I'm watching a killer episode of Storage Wars. Yes, this is my life.

Elizabeth and James sweatshirt, UrbanOutfitters tank, TopShop maxi skirt, Barney's Co-Op booties, A. Wang "Rocco" bag, vintage necklaces


  1. Did you pick up the word "wicked" while you were in NY?

  2. your bag, I want it soooo bad! ♥