29 December 2010

It's A Wonderful Life.

In the words of my 3 1/2 yr old niece "Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness!" I have abandoned you lovelies for a bit but I am back. I sincerely apologize but I have been without my mac for over a week now(!) that's quite a long time in blog world, yes? yes. Can I tell you a secret? It's actually been quite the vacation. I do long for Rum(i)nspiration or some serious Olsen's drooling and MAJOR Purse N Boots gazing.... but it's still been nice. Christmas was wonderful. I ate a whole turkey. 5 sticks of butter. a can of black olives. and a couple dozen liters of soda. oh I also made the BEST Mexican Wedding Cakes, from scratch, or as I much prefer to call them "Nut Balls". It just has that special holiday ring to it, yes? yes.

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness! Also, I have to thank you wonderful lassies, and fellows! I am now up to 50 followers!! Well at least here on this google thinger. BUT WOW! I have beyond amazed and pleased. I love reading all your comments and while I may not be the best at getting back each time, I really try to at some point. Times are looking crazy in the future but I'm staying put!

And now here is a small fun collab Mollz from Riff-Raff and I did!

On me: F21 dress, Prada shoes, J Crew necklace, Robert Lee Morris for Elizabeth and James feather ring
On Mollz: J Crew necklace worn as headpiece, YSL ankle strap heels


  1. great outfit, madly in love with your dress!! xoxo

  2. I'm obsessed with lace right now.. I made a white lace dress for myself a few months ago, I had open back and a detail on the shoulders too.. feel free to stop by at my blog..
    happy holidays

  3. Sooo pretty. I love the white lace mini over the dark tights. Very winter wonderland...gone to the disco. And...loved the necklace worn around Molly's head...

  4. I love lace dresses and this suits you perfectly!I wish we could have F21 in Italy too...!!xo xo

  5. You girls look gorgeous! Happy new year!!

  6. Love your outfits, you're such a natural model. :)
    Great dress and accessories. <3

    - Nata


  7. great dress, love your style!! thx for ur comment, i'm following you from now on bloglovin :)

    xx, yamina.