29 November 2010

Paperback Writer.

Topshop leather moto jacket, F21 waterfall sweater, Zara maxi dress & boots, Banana Republic belt, F21 cross necklace

28 November 2010

Some Like It Hot.

Zara faux fur gillet, F21 jacket, Michael Stars tee, Levi's shorts, TopShop tights, MK watch, Erin Wasson x LowLuv bracelet, Vanessa Mooney wrap bracelet 

26 November 2010

Live Young, Die Fast.

Am I the only chick who loves motorcycles this much? Motorcycles and vintage cars... Mmmmmm!!  I honestly get the chills looking through these photos. How great would it be to ride on the back of one of these holding on tightly to a cute boy? The new Style Stalker "Wild Fox" Bambi photos are two of my favorites combined. Bambi+motorcycles = I Die! Gorgeous.

Images via I Hate Motorcycles, Pearls of Wisdom, Studded Hearts

24 November 2010

The Way You Look Tonight.

Photos from a wedding I went to about a week and a half ago. This dress is so gorgeous in person. A lovely cream silk with lace detail throughout which lends it a very retro feel.

Zara blazer and dress, Prada heels, MK rose gold watch, Robert Lee Morris for Elizabeth and James feather ring

23 November 2010

Cooking Wine.

I am beyond excited to have this entire week off for Thanksgiving break however, still bummed because I will be stuck finishing homework. It is finally getting nice and cold here in Southern California and when I say cold I mean about 60º instead of an awful 40º like it is back East in certain places. I can handle the lows at night but I'm not so sure I could bear it during the day, though it would make for some super cozy and adorable outfits!! Which reminds me, I just bought the most lovely faux fur black coat at H&M this weekend whilst searching for the LANVIN collection, which I finally found at The Beverly Center! I bought two dresses (which I will post pictures of later) because I couldn't decide which I wanted, and everything else had sold out! Crazy people, and possibly some of you, started lining up at 4am!!
Anyhow, my days are getting all mixed up and I have a great batch of photos stored for now but today I am a good blogger and posting todays outfit.

Enjoy lovers. xx

June leather jacket, Michael Stars tee, Current/Elliot jeans, vintage booties, Forever 21 hat, Ray-Ban aviators

21 November 2010

Golden Slumbers

I really love that my style is constantly changing according to my mood. I'm not too set in one... genre?... style. I don't only wear skinny jeans with oversized shirts (though I do quite love the look) but I've recently been getting a good wear out of some TopShop harem trousers or my jeans that are 6 years old and 4 sizes too big. I suppose it's all about personal preference. I certainly find it hard to believe when bloggers say they don't dress for the camera, that they dress based on their mood. Can't you do both? Don't you do both? We are essentially trying to show others, either ways to improve their style or I suppose just inspiration, so how would you not be dressing for the camera? 
Just some venting thoughts... time to go get dressed ;) 

H&M tee, Resin jeans, Zara wedges, Marc Jacobs bag, MK watch

16 November 2010

14 November 2010

Ich Liebe Dich.

Trying to get past this busy week. Planning a funeral and trying to keep up with school is quite the arduous task currently. Can't wait for my break next week, although it will be full of catching up on HW!!
Some photos I managed to have snapped on Veterans day, hence the flag...
I also got direct inspiration from Caroline, it's hard not to! Oh how I'd love that Rick Owens in my closet!!

Topshop leather jacket, Zara faux fur vest, Joe's tee, Hudson "Morrison" jeans, Zara boots, Michael Kors watch

currently listening to The Gaslight Anthem. non-stop.

11 November 2010

We Need to Honor Our Vets!

Happy Veterans Day! I realize it is almost over but I still have time. This last week has been a tough one. Our family has lost one of it's great ones. My grandfather passed away at the great age of 89. He lived the most wonderful life having been married to my grandmother for 65 years! He fought in both WWII where he was a POW in Germany and also Vietnam.
I am so happy we have asked him stories from the war and his life and that we have so many pictures to go along with it! He really was an amazing husband, father, and grandfather and we were truly blessed to have him in our lives.

We'll miss you grandpa!

03 November 2010

You Give Me That Feeling...

Zara Blazer, Michael Stars tee, Citizens of Humanity jeans, Jeffrey Campbell booties

From our amazing night at Teddy's...
image via the CobraSnake

I'm Always Late...

Some of you may know Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday and also my Mom's birthday!! How fun!? I just love to dress up and in my opinion girls can be pretty/sexy ANY day of the year, however, they cannot be dead or goofy or a man, etc. so why would you treat Halloween like any other day?!?
This is why I like to dress up in odd/fun costumes that draw a different kind of attention than the other girls get!

My Halloween post is late, I'm sorry, but school runs my life. I was up until 7am on Halloween night/Monday morning writing a paper!! Awful I know. Things seem to be slowing down, thank goodness!

Yes that's a bloody stake coming out of my head...
The blue dress is my homemade (by mom!) Cinderella costume from 3rd grade!! She made the apron for me in high school.