27 August 2011

Jag älskar dig.

Where to even begin about Stockholm?? It was absolutely gorgeous. Not only the sights but the people and the fashion were absolutely stunning and inspiring. We were only able to spend a day & a half there which was definitely not enough time to explore the various neighborhoods or find the perfect shopping strand and of course, not enough time to be spotted by the illustrious and fierce style gazer and forecaster, Caroline Blomst, better known as CarolinesMode or STOCKHOLM STREETSTYLE. Bummer. Someday...
If you ever have the opportunity I highly recommend you visit.

Zara blazer, my grandpa's vintage tee, Levis, Isabel Marant boots, Prada sunglasses

22 August 2011

The Perfect Fairytail.

It is just that. A perfect fairytail wedding. Everything about it was stunning and Mario Testino captured the heart and soul of it.

more photos here, via Vogue. shot by Mario Testino.

20 August 2011

Lilla Flicka.

Retracing our family history thru Sweden was quite amazing. Visited places where great grandparents lived in the 1800's! Mind-blowing to say the least. Met distant cousins and can't wait to go back and cisit again.. as well as continue the hunt for Prince Carl Phillip. Mmmmmmmm!

H&M trend collection sweater, vintage tee, J Brand jeans, Topshop loafers, The Row Sunglasses

17 August 2011

better late than never.

an easy outfit for shopping around one of my favorite cities in the world, London. i think you can now add Stockholm to that list, my current location, it's just beautiful. the people, the sights, the fashion. stunning.

Topshop leather jacket & slippers, Monrow tee, The Kooples coated denim, Prada Sunglasses

01 August 2011

Time Is Running Out.

LA Rising yesterday with one of my favorites, Trisha... yes it gets confusing, Trisha/Trista. "Hi! I'm Trista!" "Hi, I'm Trisha". See? Anyhow, got to see MUSE for the 2nd time, AMAZING!

I should probably get to packing. I have to be at the airport in 12 hours and I have 2 things in my suitcase. Oh and I still need to shower and sleep!! What to pack?! How does one even begin to pack for 3 1/2 weeks and a fashion blogger at that! I have a long night/morning ahead of me.

Winter Kate kimono jacket, T by Wang tank, Urban Outfitters shorts, Isabel Marant 'Dicker' booties, Zara snakeskin bag, Prada sunglasses