29 March 2010


Had a full weekend in LA.... Friday night I went and saw Metric at the Hollywood Palladium but unfortunately I forgot to get pictures of my outfit. I loved it too! Maybe i'll just re-create it...
Ethan Embry was there and he looks just as adorable now as he was in Can't Hardly Wait and Empire Records (one of my favorite movies).  He had amazing style too... wearing a long-ish cream and black plaid toggle coat with blue jeans rolled to a cuff and tan combat boots. 
Anyway here I am in one of my favorite tees. I got it a while back at a vintage shop on Melrose. Also, I'm really loving my new Jeffery Campbells! Both the black clogs and red platforms work with so many outfits. 

Vintage Harley tee, Hudson jeans, Jeffery Campbell platforms, Ray-Ban aviators, Barney's of New York fringe bag, vintage turquoise ring

Saturday night was a great night which was much needed! It started off at the Santa Monica Playhouse where a friend of mine was in a sketch comedy show, which was amazing, and ended at Barney's Beanery on the 3rd Street promenade. It's nights like those that really make me wish I lived there now! Hopefully it won't be too much longer....

Patterson J. Kincaid tank, Hudson jeans, TopShop bralet, Jeffery Campbell platforms, Zara blazer, Balenciaga bag, Robert Lee Morris for Elizabeth and James double finger ring

24 March 2010

spring is here

I had lunch a couple days back at one of my favorite spots in town, Backstreet. Mmmmmm it's making me hungry now! They always have such a cute roadster parked out front, I think I'll take a pic next time to show you! Aren't those flowers behind me beautiful?? They keep them up year round too.. amazing.

Urban Outfitters dress, TopShop sweater & socks, Steven by Steve Madden boots, Ray Ban sunglasses, Marc Jacobs bag

Faux real?

A couple weeks ago my parents and brother and I went to go see Cats at the Pantages theater so I thought it was only fitting that I wear my grandma's old leopard fur! Yes it's real and I just love it! It used to be a full length but back in the 60's my grandma had it cut to a cropped fit with cropped sleeves, and she didn't keep the scraps!! I would never think to buy a real fur now (OK, I may think about it) so I hope this one lasts a long time!
I'm really loving sheer tops with the undergarments peeking through right now. It's a little hard to tell, but that's what I'm trying to pull off here..

Vintage fur, Zara blouse, Joe's jeans, TopShop bralet, Christian Louboutin "New Simple Pump", TopShop clutch, JCrew necklace

21 March 2010

anything else but the truth

American Eagle chambray shirt, Nation tee, C/E jeans, Jeffery Campbell platforms, Barney's of NY bag,  Ray Bans, Robert Lee Morris for Elizabeth and James feather ring (on my thumb)

Photos by Erin

20 March 2010

empire state of mind

My New York trip with my brother seemed so short! It was also strangely relaxing... I didn't find much to buy which was a bit disappointing for my closet but made my wallet happy! I'll post a couple of my favorite purchases later... 

F21 lace dress, Zara blazer, JCrew necklace, H&M socks, Jeffery Campbell clogs, Marc Jacobs bag

TopShop leather jacket, Monrow tee, Current/Elliot jeans, YSL Tribute platforms, H&M scarf

TopShop tweed coat, Zara tee, C/E jeans, Balenciaga bag, Anthropologie flower

OH! Here is a picture of my 2 1/2 year old niece Paisley... She picked out her outfit herself and even though it was about 80º outside she refused to wear anything but her leather boots with leopard trim! Hmmmmm looks like she takes after her auntie!  

12 March 2010

New York City!

My brother and I leave later today New York and I'm too excited! I should be packing right now but I am a huge procrastinator so I'm on the computer instead.... I should be an expert packer by now but alas, I am completely stumped on what I should bring. I'll be doing too much shopping (hopefully) but I'll need good outfits to shop in and items to go with the newly purchased ones! It's 2:45 am and I have class in the morning too! EEEEEK!

10 March 2010

I get a kick out of you.

I'm happy it's still semi-cold here in southern california... cold enough to wear my faux fur I haven't pulled out in years! Lucky for me when it reaches 80º here next week, I'll be busy shopping in chilly NYC!

Behnaz Sarafpour for Target faux leopard, James Perse tee, Current/Elliot jeans, Minnetonka moccasins, Ray-Ban aviators, Forever 21 two-finger cross ring/ Nation LTD burnout tee, Jeffery Campbell clogs, Heritage 1981 trilby, Michael Kors watch

08 March 2010

stunning ladies.

My top picks. I also really liked Miley's dress, by Jenny Packham. My mom was a big fan of Sandra Bullocks Marchesa gown. I agree. It was gorgeous... However if I were able to choose one for myself, *sigh*, it would have to be one of these three:
Diane is perfection in Chanel couture as always...

Cameron Diaz in Oscar de la Renta. I just love it.

Amanda Seyfried in Armani Prive is fantastic. I think it is a twist with some edge on a timeless look and she pulls it off great. Her stacked bangles and cocktail ring add just enough oomph to finish it off. Do I spy taupe nail polish too?? So great.

TFS, ShinyStyle

07 March 2010

Accident Prone

Nudie jeans, Zara blazer & top, Jeffery Campbell clogs, H&M trench, Forever 21 scarf, Marc Jacobs purse

02 March 2010

Frozen in time.

The pictures below are ones that I have taken from some of the travels I have had been fortunate enough togo on. Just a couple that I really like. One that I am super proud of is the Arc de Triomphe in Paris at night. 
 It's really fun to photograph children (I was going to say "shoot", but that sounded a little off...) Adults can be fun but it's hard to get people to relax when they aren't used to being in front of the camera. Most of the time I just end up shooting things that inspire me or pop out at me. A lot of times it doesn't turn out the way I'd like, but I'm just having fun with it and still learning. 
These girls were too cute at the Santa Monica Pier. What adorable fun outfits!? Those shades!

My always gorgeous friend Belinda at Gaudi Park in Barcelona

James strumming away waiting to play a show...

Yes, THE Strawberry Fields..Forever

This girl was too cute playing with her schoolmates in Barcelona. She had such a great little personality and I could tell she wasn't very camera shy but she wanted me to think she was!

On the streets of Zurich, Switzerland


A cute old couple in Prague, Czech Republic

More Zurich

Lucerne, Switzerland

Champs-Élysées in Paris

In Marie Antoinette's room at Versailles

At the Château de Versailles, France

The Arc de Triomphe in Paris

Beale Street Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis, Tennessee