30 January 2011

Sun On the High Street.

London Town was sunny today! Strange how my last post consisted of my total and utter excitement for snow and this post contains that same excitement for the sun! It is quite hard to come by in the country so  one must enjoy it when they can. Unfortunately sun doesn't = warmth :( But it was as DISGUSTINGLY
BONE thugs and harmony CHILLINGLY freezing as yesterday, thank you Jesus. Amen. I was stoked to throw on only socks and sandals and shades for the day. and fairly light layers.
Like my new jacket?? Urban Outfitters was having a totally radical sale and what was normally £165 was only £40!! Amazing. And leather sleeves?! Man-Repeller would be proud. It's basically a Veda rip-off (whoops!) Perfection, yes? Yes.

Reformed U.O. jacket, Zara faux fur gillet, Nothing Sacred U.O. tank, J Brand coated denim, Target socks, Joe's Jeans platforms, Ray-Ban sunglasses

27 January 2011

Black and Tan Please.

IT SNOWED TODAY!!! I don't know if you know what that means to this California girl... but that's quite a big deal. To quote the disgustingly (but secretly amazingly) skinny Victoria Beckham "IT'S MAAAJJJAAAA!" Even if it was for about 2 minutes and I had to stop and really look for it, it snowed. I swear. I didn't even think it was cold enough but my new friends from the East Coast, who are pros at this cold weather, informed me it was in fact snow and cold enough. Yes yes sorry I could ramble on for a long time about it.... speaking of cold, obviously when dressing here, layering here is key, and so are gloves! Scarves are not so much a fashion statement like they are in sunny warm Southern California, but rather serve a purpose (who knew?!) and a very good one! Hats also come in handy... again not just a fashion statement, but more so than the scarf. Well I must wrap this up and be on my way. My friend from Switzerland is landing any minute... I need to get my hands on the chocolate she best be bringing me I hope she brings me!

Later skaters.

TopShop leather jacket, bag, hat & scarf, Gap cardigan, vintage Harley tee, Hudson jeans, KG Kurt Geiger boots, Target leather gloves
Diet Pepsi=my crack

24 January 2011

Sinister Kid.

Yes it's these boots again. Deal with it.

Textile Elizabeth and James sweatshirt, Zara blazer, Current/Elliot jeans, Barney's Co-Op booties, American Apparel infinity scarf, Pamela Love rope cross necklace, Michael Kors watch

22 January 2011

A Fish Out of Water.

Sunglasses again! How perfect for me. I came to London with minimal amounts of clothing (for a southern california fashion blogger anyway) and I have already purchased copious amounts of new apparel. Every corner I turn I see that HUGE EVIL 4-LETTER WORD. S A L E. It's as if they new I was coming. In the words of Stephanie Tanner "How rude?!". What is a girl with a gold amex and .000002% of self-control to do?!? If I can get air miles and clothing all at the same time, well then of course I'll buy those boots or the really itchy sweater that matches most others I havethat I don't need, that's just perfect (see below), or and awesome military jacket with leather sleeves for only £40! I felt like I should be arrested on the spot for stealing.  
Oh keep an eye out for some fantastic Pamela Love jewelry I got at the Harvey Nichols sale yesterday. Hot damn! Talk about retail therapy... Pure joy.
You'll be seeing these boots a lot. It's become an obsession. I suppose I have Mollz to thank for a somewhat forced purchase.

Forever21 jacket, Zara sweater, Anthropologie maxi dress & flower, Barney's Co-Op boots, Brixton hat, American Apparel infinity scarf, The Row sunglasses

*Oh who's going to COACHELLA?!? Did you see the line-up?? UH-mazing, right?! Can I get an AMEN!!? Mollz, over at Riff-Raff, and I can't wait. It's gonna be a blast as per usual.

19 January 2011

Here Comes the Sun.

Ello loves! I'm in London town now finally settled and adjusted. I say that however, with a grain of salt when I speak about the weather. As a true southern California native I will never adjust to these frigid temperatures and overcast skies. Luckily mom sent me away with a bottle of vitamin (pronounced vit-a-min here) d, they're the best aren't they? Moms, not vitamin d's dummy. Miracles happen though and the sun has been out for the last couple days but the clouds are said to be returning this weekend. Even still I love the rain and clouds but a constant few weeks must get tiring... and it certainly makes for lazy outfits.
I've just realized it's 2:40 in the a.m. and i'm fighting the sleep.

A-dios kids.

*Notice the peek-a-boo midriff? You can take the girl outta California but you can't take the California outta the girl... even in 43ยบ weather.

H&M coat, Zara faux fur gillet, Winter Kate cardigan, Urban Outfitters tee, J Brand waxed jeans, Barney's Co-Op booties, Balenciaga bag, Ray-Ban aviators

15 January 2011

Poison Ivy.

she is just too gorgeous, Gillian Zinser. both as Ivy on the angsty almost pre-pubecent but wonderfully addictive, 90210, as well as in reality. no more words necessary.

google image search

i am now on a man hunt for the perfect pair of old oversize old jeans to shred. a great vintage fur vest. a great new hat. a new necklace to replace my beloved cross that went missing in NYC, RIP. thanx Gillian.

10 January 2011

Just the Beginning.

PHOTO OVERLOAD!! This is by far my favorite event of the year! The Palm Springs International Film Festival Gala! I have watched it grow into the third largest festival in the nation which is just mind-blowing. Palm Springs is so dear to this big young heart and it is finally reverting back into the playground of the stars...
There are already a lot of photos up on many different sites like PopSugar and such, here's some from OhNoTheyDidn't!
I cannot begin to explain how great I felt in this dress. PLUS I practically stole it. Only I didn't. But it was on sale for a superRAD price. On top of that, my amazing hermana y hija (that's sister and niece for you non-bilingual folk) were gracious enough to let me borrow some gorgeous accessories,  including some vintage jewels from India (beat that Cartier!) and a Valentino purse. Mmmmmmmm.... sadly it was returned at the end of the night. I'm a real life Cinderella!
The after party at the Parker, an awesome alternative to the ACE, is always a great time and the drunk party crashers were quite a show. As were the cougars loving my brothers and friends. Oh my.

*Oh also I did my make-up and hair IN THE CAR and you can't even see the puurrrfection. I'm a seasoned pro at this point.

3.1 Phillip Lim dress, LAMB pumps, Valentino purse, vintage jewels 

photo cred- Richard Lui, The Desert Sun

08 January 2011

A Family Affair

Thursday was the opening night of the Palm Springs International Film Festival. This is my favorite part of the year simply for this event. Today, which is still tomorrow for me since I am a complete and utter insomniac, is the Gala which is THE event to go to. I am wearing an amazing 3.1 Phillip Lim sequin dress and my niece is wearing and even better Alexander McQueen gown (lucky witch! ha).
Time for bed. I still need to give myself a manicure which means tomorrow will require an excessive amount of coffee bean and diet pepsi. Basically my everyday.

H&M faux fur coat, Winter Kate silk cardigan, Michael Stars tee, J Brand coated denim, Christian Louboutin heels, A Wang bag

06 January 2011

Return of the Wang.

Back from New York. Migraines basically ruled my trip :( But I did manage to get some shopping in and found a couple new favorite restaurants so it wasn't a total bust. I'll post pics next time (hopefully?). I'm wicked horrible at getting things like that done... plus I barely took any. I was with two boys who hate taking pictures so what is a blogger to do?? (other than take her own photos in the dressing room...)
I just found out I have to leave for London a few days sooner than expected which really added a ton of stress to my already great amount. So much to get done by MONDAY!!! Sheesh!
HOWEVER! To look at that diet pepsi half full, I will be going to the opening night and Gala of the Palm Springs International Film Festival which means I get to get all snazzy and fancy!! Mmmm and stare at ANDREW GARFIELD all night. wow. 

Ok it's late and I'm watching a killer episode of Storage Wars. Yes, this is my life.

Elizabeth and James sweatshirt, UrbanOutfitters tank, TopShop maxi skirt, Barney's Co-Op booties, A. Wang "Rocco" bag, vintage necklaces