25 April 2012


All things considered I feel like I could have instagram'd a bit more, however service on site was a wee bit shoddy. Plus I wasn't in the mood to annoy all my followers with constant reminders that Beka and I were having the time of our lives... Enjoy dudes.

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24 April 2012

Coachella Day 3

I think this is my favorite outfit.. or maybe it was the 1st. Which is funny because I planned day 2 for a week! Outfits 1 & 3 were based on emotion. As we've seen on here, I'm a fan of all white and I saw a handful of people (mostly dudes) rocking the look over the weekend. It's a great clean look but this one has a cool twist to it. And the hat... the hat. Goodness this hat is great and it gets some looks, maybe not for the best reasons but who cares!? I love it. 
Keep an eye on various blogs, incl TopShop for style snaps of me from all 3 days!

Rag and Bone tee, vintage Ralph Lauren Polo shorts, Isabel Marant 'Dicker' booties, Gucci 'Hysteria' bag, Ray-Ban sunglasses, Zara hat, Converse One Star necklace, Michael Kors watch, Pamela Love claw cuff

Coachella Day 2

Day 2... better than the 1st? Hard to say but still great. It was definitely hotter. 108º to be exact. Crazy. That with an immense lack of sleep made for a rough beginning but of course all worth it.

Shareen Vintage 2 piece, TopShop wedges, The Row sunglasses
(Shareen Vintage website is down but I linked the FB. Her pieces are amazing!)

Coachella Day 1!

I can't even begin to write about the amazingness that is Coachella. Yes I know you are all tired of hearing about it but it truly is an awesome time. There are so many new friends to make and old friends to run into. Everyone is there for the same reason and all have an intensely joyous and excited energy. Luckily I went the 2nd weekend which was typical Coachella heat (100º +), twas a perfect weekend!!!

T by Alexander Wang tank, vintage Levi's vest by ALBOY, Zara skirt, mom's fringe purse, vintage necklace, Chloé sunglasses

these guys KILLED it + John Fogerty as surprise guest!?

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16 April 2012


From yesterday's LacosteL!ve pool party day 2. In my opinion it was better than day 1. More dancing, more heat, more style snapping! What a fun party! Thank you Lacoste, wish you were doing Coachella weekend 2! 

T by Alexander Wang tank, Zara pants, TopShop sandals, Urban Outfitters bralet, Velvet sunglasses, vintage purse

14 April 2012

Retro Daze.

Coachella weekend 1. Not actually attending the festival itself just the parties. Some are fantastic, like this one here, some are not so swell. Next week when I actually do attend the festival, I will have a grand ol' time for sure!
The LacosteLIVE! pool party took place today at a private estate near the festival grounds.. loud music, lots of dancing bodies, tons of photos being taken, pretty people, free booze, etc. A great recipe for an awesome party. However, shady people who steal sunglasses (my brothers' in this case) are not fun!
I was style spotted by PopSugar/FabSugar, which is a great compliment! So keep an eye out there please!
Time to get ready for the Neon Carnival! Hope you're all enjoying your Coachella weekend dudes and dudettes!

Anthropologie jumpsuit, vintage leather bag, Chloé sunglasses, vintage pendant, Vanessa Mooney 'Evil Eye' bracelet, (not shown)- TopShop flatforms

09 April 2012

Big and Tall.

Crappy iPhone photos... I really need to drag out my DSLR again. I will, I promise.  The photos don't quite show how loose these jeans are, def a BF fit. Just perfect and crazy to think I actually used to fit into them with no room to spare, YIKES!
4 more days until COACHELLLLAAAAAAA!!!

T by Alexander Wang tank, Hudson jeans, Joe's flatforms, Chloé sunglasses, Urban Outfitters bralet

My fav sunglasses at a closer glance!

06 April 2012

Thirty-Seventh Hour

All white is a big favorite of mine. Yes these are the same white pants, they're just perfect. The boy says I should see how long I can go without washing them. Not sure how brilliant of an idea that is. We'll see.

Rag & Bone shirt, Paige denim, Isabel Marant 'Dicker' boots, Zara bag, Chloe sunglasses

03 April 2012

Snake and Bake.

Easy, casual outfit day. Some days you just don't feel like wearing your flatforms or semi-heeled boots. In this case, these soft suede oxfords are almost sneaker like without pushing me into sneaker territory, then again, who doesn't love sneaker territory??
My mind is going crazy planning Coachella outfits. This year, if you weren't already aware, the festival is TWO WEEKENDS in a row! Yeah, a little overboard in everyones opinion but, eh! Oh well, more parties, more people watching, more style stalking... I'm not sure if I'll have my style partner in crime with me again this year but let's think positive. That's what festival season is all about anyway right?! Good vibes.. oh and of course Spicy Pizza Pie! YUMMMMM!

Kain Label sweater, T by Alexander Wang tank, J Brand jeans, Zara bag & oxfords, Brixton hat, Michael Kors watch