28 October 2010

Stress+Sickness+Homework= :(

I have been quite stressed recently and incredibly busy it seems. Often times I think about all the things I need to be doing and put them off and don't do anything though... it's a very damaging cycle that I need to break. I have terrible sleep habits on top of all of this too and an incredible amount of homework that I just cannot seem to tackle. So obviously, daily outfit pictures are just out of the question usually. I do have a couple on my camera waiting to be uploaded (terrible, I know) but until I actually do that, I figured I would put up some other photos...

Here's what I  look like as of late: messy hair and a beanie to cover the dirty hair, yesterday's makeup, grungy tee
*just not so gorgeous and mysterious... ha

Here is what I aspire to look like: effortless rock chic with a rock star bf/husband?
images via ???, prob Studded Hearts

20 October 2010

Birds of A Feather...

Last night I went to see Mumford and Sons at The Palladium in Hollywood. Words cannot describe how amazing this band is live. To date, they are the 2nd best band I have seen live; with Kings of Leon in first place. At one point, they played acoustic, no mics, no amps, just the power of their instruments and voices to the entire sold out crowd (a 4,000 capacity!). The crowd was beyond respectful and was so quiet I am sure almost everyone heard them play, I did :)

Afterwards I headed on over to The El Ray where my friends Foals, also played to a sold out crowd. It is crazy Hollywood nights like these, where I usually end up driving home as the sun is rising, that make me really stop and think about how much I love my life.

Oh also, check out these new Jeffery Campbell's. Completely Balmain Fall 08, yes? Kate Moss quite fancied herself a pair. I have a feeling I'll be wearing them a lot.

Winter Kate silk cardigan, Joe's tee, LAMB velvet high waist shorts, Jeffery Campbell booties, Balenciaga bag, MK watch

17 October 2010

Drew [some] Inspiration.

How amazing does Drew look here. I know Le Fashion has done some posts on her and so has my girl Mollz over on Riff-Raff! I just adore this outfit Drew recently wore, so when searching for an outfit for a dinner I had to attend with my parents, I knew this was perfect. Usually attendees wear western wear or Native American inspired clothing and this encompasses both!
I can't decide which piece I love more, her Current/Elliot denim shirt, the draped white skirt, her feather earrings, that adorable unexpected bag?!? It all just works so well and the belt just ties it all together..

Here is my attempt. I worked with what I had but let's be honest, Drew is pure perfection.

American Eagle denim shirt, vintage skirt, Zara belt, J.C. clogs, 

15 October 2010

Dreaming of A Simpler Time

It's almost 3am and I am far too tired to write much of anything. I have to go to bed, wake up in 5 hours for school, then rush home to drive my parents to LAX for their fabulous European vacation. While they spend their weekend in Paris I will be stuck home doing tons of homework that has built up over the week :(      So instead of falling asleep here in this chair, which I am about to do, I'll go to bed and leave you with an outfit from when it was actually nice and cold here!

J. Crew jacket, Forever 21 sweater, Current/Elliot jeans, Zara boots, H&M scarf, Anthropologie flower pin, Oliver Peoples eyeglasses, A. Wang 'Rocco' bag, vintage paisley scarf

12 October 2010

Fly Me To The Moon

Elizabeth and James tee, Textile Elizabeth and James 'Jimi' bell bottoms, Jeffrey Campbell clogs, Brixton fedora

11 October 2010

California Needs to Get On the Cold Train!

Some recent favorites over at ASOS. Some of the items may even be gone already, I was surprised to see how fast clothing sells out on the site! Amazing...

So similar to the Elizabeth and James 'Moxy' but a friendlier price tag!
Aren't these a great alternative to the Vivienne Westwood 'Pirate' version?

So gypsy, so romantic...
My favorite part on this comfy sweater are the elbow patches... *clearly not visible here

This cape/parka is quirky and refreshing. Adorable hat too, yes?

This snood is perfect for autumn. Love the Southwestern feel.

Loving the gray leather... and it's draped! 

Mmmm I can just imagine walking uptown New York in this... Or better yet the streets of Paris!

Hurry on over to ASOS and break out your parents plastic and do some serious shopping! You want to look your best this fall, right?

08 October 2010

Do You Watch The Groom or The Bride?

Here are some photo's from a wedding I went to a couple weeks back. It was held at the beautiful Mission Inn in downtown Riverside... Everyone around me is getting married or already married and pregnant and I am not even close and definitely OK with that. It is a very strange feeling but I am very happy for those who are starting their new lives but also excited that I still have many adventures ahead of me!

Winter Kate dress, vintage clutch, Miu Miu heels, Michael Kors watch

01 October 2010