17 October 2010

Drew [some] Inspiration.

How amazing does Drew look here. I know Le Fashion has done some posts on her and so has my girl Mollz over on Riff-Raff! I just adore this outfit Drew recently wore, so when searching for an outfit for a dinner I had to attend with my parents, I knew this was perfect. Usually attendees wear western wear or Native American inspired clothing and this encompasses both!
I can't decide which piece I love more, her Current/Elliot denim shirt, the draped white skirt, her feather earrings, that adorable unexpected bag?!? It all just works so well and the belt just ties it all together..

Here is my attempt. I worked with what I had but let's be honest, Drew is pure perfection.

American Eagle denim shirt, vintage skirt, Zara belt, J.C. clogs, 


  1. i absolutely love this look hard to pull of seeming its drew !x i love your clogs.i have been updated with all your posts so far and will continue to love if you followed me
    love always bek


  2. Love Drews look and your rendition too!

  3. Drew looks amazing I love how you have taken inspiration from her outfit this looks gorgeous denim and white look stunning together has a vibe D&G S/S10 about it xoxo

  4. So cute!!! I love Drew Barrymore
    xoxo Debby

  5. Drew, she is so insanely cool. And I LOVE your take on her outfit. Perfect.
    Hope you had an awesome weekend.