29 April 2010

The Santa Ana's are blowing...

Which means anything can happen :)
Last night was absolutely amazing!! A group of friends and I went out to celebrate our friend Shelby's 23rd bday. We started out in Venice at a greek food restaurant called Gaby's which was delicious and then onto a bar next door followed shortly by Dillons in Hollywood. 
My friend Jodi told me about a pair of Gucci motorcycle boots at Crossroads in Sherman Oaks tonight however, I had to come back home so I gave another friend a mission and some cash to go get em! I really really hope they still have them tomorrow.. Anyway here's what I wore last night:

Winter Kate sheer blouse, C/E jeans, Miu Miu heels, Marc Jacobs bag, Robert Lee Morris for Elizabeth and James feather ring, F21 gold bangles

28 April 2010

So fickle...

My friend Deanna came over from LA and we went to our favorite Backstreet. So delicious. No time to write more, it's my beautiful friend Shelby's birthday today and I have to get ready for a night out in LA!
Have a wonderful day!

Patterson J. Kincaid tank, J Brand "Love Story" jeans, Marc Jacobs bag, F21 cross necklace, Ray-Ban sunglasses 

25 April 2010

I Walk the Line.

Another weekend in the desert this weekend... this time for the Stagecoach festival. Country music isn't really my thing but we had free tickets and I had friends there so we decided to go! It is a much different experience than Coachella, but still fun! I attended 2 years ago when The Eagles and John Foggerty were there and it was amazing! Sugarland and Keith Urban performed this year and I only knew a couple Keith Urban songs, but he sure is handsome!

American Eagle jacket, James Perse dress, Target belt, Forever 21 cross necklaces, Barney's fringe bag

22 April 2010

She's Got You High.

More winter days! I was feeling a little inspired by the lovely Alexa Chung today both with her new favorite green jacket and clogs with cotton tights, like so. I think I did a fairly decent job although I'm not having the best hair day! I won't apologize for wearing these clogs so much yet, they are just too darn comfy and cute! Get used to 'em!

American Eagle jacket, Ella Moss crochet dress, H&M cotton tights, Jeffery Campbell clogs, Prada sunglasses


Here are some pics from a while back I never posted. At first I wasn't crazy about them but at second glance I decided they're blog-worthy. I am completely overwhelmed with finals and the end of the semester so I'm not sure how many posts you'll get out of me this week/weekend...
Once again my lovely friend Trisha Lynch played paparazzi.

Forever 21 jacket, Nation tee, BDG skirt from Urban, DKNY tights, Steven by Steve Madden boots, Barney's fringe bag

21 April 2010

lazy rainy days

The weather is so fickle lately... While I love the rain and cold weather I just wish it would decide on spring or winter! Ellie wanted to be in the pictures too, she's too funny :)

June leather jacket, Western plaid shirt from Urban, vintage Harley tee, C/E jeans, Minnetonka Moccasins, TopShop beanie

20 April 2010

Coachella Love

Day 1: TRAFFIC!! It was unbelievable how much traffic there was this year! It took my brother a total of 8 hours to get inside from the time he left his place in L.A. I ended up missing the 4 bands I really wanted to see: Yeasayer, She & Him, Passion Pit and The Specials.  However, I did see Jay-Z, which in my opinion is an odd choice for Coachella, but he was still fantastic. BeyoncĂ© even came out to join him for his new single "Young Forever".

I met this woman, Nicole, who has the new Kate Moss for Longchamp bag. The bag is rightfully named The Glastonbury (a similar music festival in England) and it is just the right size for events like these. She told me she had to take a trip up to San Francisco from LA because the gray is sold out everywhere! Now that's dedication to fashion.... The zebra scarf is so great and her gold bangles are gorgeous! 

Later that night we stopped at the ACE hotel in Palm Springs to check out the Desert Gold party... I am so happy they are bringing hip hotels to Palm Springs, ex The Parker, The Riviera and The Viceroy. If you ever take a trip to Seattle, NYC, Portland or Palm Springs, The ACE is cool and hip and pretty affordable. Be sure to check out the black and white photo booth too (ha!)

Zara dress & boots/heels, Gap sweater, JCrew gold belt, Balenciaga bag

Day 2: Saturday was much better. Traffic was still a bit of an issue but definitely not as bad as Friday! The bands I watched were The Temper Trap, Band of Skulls, MGMT, and Muse. There are others that I wanted to see but the sun really wears me out (ha!) and I decided eating the delicious Spicy Pizza Pie  and people watching in VIP is more important :) I can always see them another time in a much smaller venue!

I had my friends Trisha Lynch and Joel Glaser take some outfit pictures for me... I really wanted to climb on the Polo sign!
I also bought the Chanel tattoos and only saw one other girl with them on. She went the runway look and placed them on her thigh but I put them on my forearm... I just love them!

Doesn't it look like a kitty is laying my bag?? Haha

Zara blouse, Levi's shorts, Minnetonka moccasins, Balenicaga Bag, turquoise necklace from Arizona

I accomplished my goal of taking pictures of outfits but I definitely didn't take as many as I would have liked!

This chick could definitely pull off these leopard shorts. Another trend I spied at Coachella: orange nails.

These girls almost make me sick, they're so cute! 

I love her the most. The hat is just adorable.

DAISEY LOWE!! I had to ask for a picture and she was just too sweet and happy to oblige. It looks like she is wearing full tights but they're actually thigh highs. I saw her again later in and she smiled at me :)
One of the highlights of the weekend for sure!

Saturday night we went to the 944/Brent Bolthouse party at The Hangar. It was so rad. There were carnival games and rides including a ferris wheel, bumper cars, and a merry-go-round. Everyone there was dressed far too cute but I was busy dancing for most of it to ask for pictures so I only got one...

I think her name was Teshana(?) Her faux-hawk hair style may have been my favorite. I love the mixing of the prints too...

Oompa Loompas!! 

Me shaking it on the dance floor...

Winter Kate kimono jacket, vintage strapless top from my mom, C/E jeans, Jeffery Campbell clogs, Balenicaga bag

Day 3: Since we didn't crawl into bed until almost dawn, Sunday was a little rough. It wasn't a very big band day for me but I did manage to see Matt & Kim, who I decided I love, Julian Casablancas, Phoenix and some of Gorillaz. 

Once again I only took one picture... This chick was cool and casual. Flower romper, strappy sandals and the wang braid are great!

My outfit day 3. Yes I wore the heels all day. If I saw Chloe Sevigny wearing them last year, I can do it too!

Winter Kate kimono jacket, Patterson J. Kincaid tank, Levi's shorts, Heritage 1981 for Forever 21 hat, Jeffery Campell platforms, Barney's fringe bag, assorted vintage jewelery

I can't wait for Coachella 2011!!