13 April 2010

shine on.

It is unbelievably hard for me to put any effort into my outfits in the mornings so I was surprised when I threw this on today. I usually read about girls who don't think about what they're going to wear and just put on what they feel like. For me, however, it is much more of a process. I like to create outfits in my head and mix things up and switch them around. I even dream about different outfits. I'd like to think that I have an effortless style but I'm not sure that I do; maybe it's in a bit in between. Quite often though I just feel like throwing on a vintage tee and jeans but at least I've gotten much more used to heels which I feel bumps up my look on those days... 
Being new to the blog world takes a toll on my outfits too. I am still getting used to the idea of posting "me" online so frequently to complete strangers. I have so many favorite blogs that I follow already and basically drool over what I see. I'd be lying if I said I didn't dream that I'd have a huge number of followers someday but really for right now it is simply a hobby; just a reason for me to actually wear something other than the jeans and vintage tee :)

naked nails! EEEK!
TopShop coat & jumper tunic, James Perse tee, Kimchi Blue scalloped shorts, H&M cotton tights, Zara boots, Anthropologie flower, Cardboard Robot bullet necklace, ChloƩ sunglasses

*Erin you should ask for a fancy SLR camera for your birthday. You have a good eye :)

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  1. You're just kissing up...aaand it's working. Thank you for the HMD's as always lady<3