10 May 2012

Cat's Meow.

While I love the whole cut off's, tank/loose tee, flatforms, with amazingly tan appendages deal, I can't help but long for the cooler dayzz here in SoCal! Mr. Sunshine crept up far too quickly. How can I not miss it though when I see a photo like this; how great does Miss Alexa Chung look here?! Am I right?? I'm right.
A little sweet, a little sour. All kinds of fab.

03 May 2012

Far East Movement.

I can't get this Isabel Marant SS12 vest off my mind and I keep seeing photos of it randomly around the interweb! It is just pure puuuuuurrrfection, I mean right?!?

and this one by Tommy Ton was the one that 1st made my heart skip a beat maybe 2!