26 February 2011

Coral on the Green.

Picture overload, eh? I had quite the eventful day today. Vodafone is hosting London Fashion Weekend at the Somerset House this weekend which basically means the public, with the purchase of a ticket, one was able to see a fashion show, go shopping (AMAZING DEALS! I SCORED!), and get hair and make-up done. Courtesy of Toni & Guy and Elizabeth Arden, respectively. I got a few great pieces and didn't melt my Amex!
Love this new maxi skirt I got at Reiss yesterday. It's new in stock and I got the last one in the store... I'm not normally one for such bright colors but I was inspired with the spring weather we had a few days ago and of course Jil Sander A/W 2011. Gorgeous.
Time for dinner. Peace bitches.

Topshop jacket & boots, Patterson J Kincaid tank, Reiss skirt, Pamela Love earring, tibetan pendant

25 February 2011


The sun and clear blue sky were in plain sight yesterday so naturally I took full advantage. Tank top, skirt, sandals.. THE WHOLE ENCHILADA! Let's not get Carrie(bradshaw)d away here though.. I'm still in London so even the sun doesn't equal my beloved Palm Springs warmth. A beanie and lightweight jacket were unfortunately necessary. In due time however. I can feel Spring's fingers prying their way through.
Oh and can you see the cotton candy pink in my hair?!?

Forever21 jacket, Topshop tank, beanie, & skull ring, All Saints skirt, Joe's platforms, The Row sunglasses, A. Wang "Rocco" bag

22 February 2011

a day in the park. a night on the town.

So yesterday was the highly anticipated Burberry Prorsum show for London Fashion Week.. Can I just relay to you how exciting it was to be there, sadly I was only outside style stalking, but it was everything I had hoped for and nothing like what I expected. Does that make sense? Too many amazing faces.. Sandra of 5 inch and up, Andy of StyleScrapbook, Chiara of Blond Salad, Alexa Chung, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, George Craig(Burberry model/Emma Watson's ex), Jamie Hince (who is rather handsome in person!) and more faces I know but no names to go along with them! You'll be seeing them on many blogs and I didn't feel like shooting them so I didn't shoot much of them and want to hear something awful and basically a mortal sin in fashion blog world?? I didn't even get photos of myself *shock* *awe*... I know but when I did go to get some photos snapped my Cannon (rightfully named REBEL) wouldn't work.
Don't fret my pets, I'm hoping photos of me surface on the internet as I was style snapped myself. SO KEEP AN EYE OUT! Thanks :)

and later I went to the Neon Tree/MONA show and then to the British Fashion Council party at Mahiki. What a busy day! Bit of a wardrobe change.. hopefully pics from the day will pop up online soon!

Zara blazer, Michael Stars tee, Topshop Boutique pants, YSL platforms, Topshop earrings

20 February 2011

M(a)yfair Lady.

Night out at Mahiki last week. I have been going to the club since I was 21... or maybe before then?? Anyway, it's been a while but I love it and I'm making some lovely (albeit crazy) friendzz therrrrr. So London Fashion Week is in FULL SWING righ nah! I somehow, stupidly, planned my trip to Amsterdam this past weekend which coincided with the opening of #LFW!! Idiot right?! Yes, yes I know. Terrible. Tomorrow night (Monday) I will be heading to a LFW party at where else but.... MAHIKI!! Yess yes, pure puuurfection if I do say so myself. I shall try and take many photos for you lovelies but I am quite terrible at that. I barely took any in slAMSTERDAM. Oh well. Sorry, for my memories and you.
Ok I need my rest after a very busy weekend and for a very crazy tomorrow!

Zara blazer, Urban Outfitters tank, shorts & bralet, Jeffery Campbell booties, All Saints necklace, purse from Portobello Road

17 February 2011

Grandmother Willow.

I think I've been lying to you, or myself, this whole time. I'm really just a jeans and t-shirt kinda gal. However, that's not to say I don't know how to accessorize or spice things up. I am a girl and a quirky one at that. This day, on the other hand, I was suffering from a migraine and threw on my absolute-favorite-go-to-just-perfect-pair-o-jeans, so it's a simple outfit but I'm still pleased with the results and I feel you should see me on my good days as well as my not so good days. Plus Camden Town was looking especially beautiful Saturday.
Off to Amsterdam tomorrow! Hoping I snap some gorgeous photos whilst secretly hoping to run into the gorgeous Andy Torres. Or is she still gone?? Oh well!

All Saints leather jacket, Gap cardi, Hanes tank, C/E jeans, KG Kurt Geiger boots, Ray Ban aviators, H&M scarf, vintage Tibetan cross pendant

14 February 2011

Marble Lights.

Happy singles awareness day, eh? I'm not amused, clearly....

Patterson J. Kincaid blouse, Elizabeth and James shorts, Jeffery Campbell booties, Marc Jacobs bag, Michael Kors watch, Pamela Love claw cuff

09 February 2011

Deceiving Nature.

I'm a bit out of sorts today... a bit sleepy... a bit creepy... anxious, annoyed, restless, dreamy, all of the above and none of the above. See what I mean? I think it's a good night for a movie. Possibly a show. The Mystery Jets are playing a show near by and I may go check it out. Then again a live band is quite different than sitting in a dark theatre and getting lost in a film, escaping the thoughts that consume our lives, yes? Yes. We'll see where the night takes me...

Zara sweater & skirt, Madewell hat, Barney's Co-Op booties, TopShop scarf, Pamela Love necklace, Erin Wasson x Low Luv bangle

love this song. love this band. and I'll be in Amsterdam in 2 weekends. perfect.

02 February 2011

Essential Versatility.

I want EVERY SINGLE piece. Shopbop.com won't pull up on my computer here hates me so I'll need one of you cotton headed ninny muggins to send them to me. Please and thank you.

I knew I should have bought that Patterson Kincaid striped sweater when I had the chance. Looks like I'll have to search Harrod's and Harvey Nic's for it!!