17 February 2011

Grandmother Willow.

I think I've been lying to you, or myself, this whole time. I'm really just a jeans and t-shirt kinda gal. However, that's not to say I don't know how to accessorize or spice things up. I am a girl and a quirky one at that. This day, on the other hand, I was suffering from a migraine and threw on my absolute-favorite-go-to-just-perfect-pair-o-jeans, so it's a simple outfit but I'm still pleased with the results and I feel you should see me on my good days as well as my not so good days. Plus Camden Town was looking especially beautiful Saturday.
Off to Amsterdam tomorrow! Hoping I snap some gorgeous photos whilst secretly hoping to run into the gorgeous Andy Torres. Or is she still gone?? Oh well!

All Saints leather jacket, Gap cardi, Hanes tank, C/E jeans, KG Kurt Geiger boots, Ray Ban aviators, H&M scarf, vintage Tibetan cross pendant


  1. Great outfit! I love the photos too, its so pretty there :D :D

  2. I must say, the photography is stunning, just like you. You really do know how to spice up a simple outfit. :)

  3. great look. classic and comfy! and the scenery is gorgeous!