22 February 2011

a day in the park. a night on the town.

So yesterday was the highly anticipated Burberry Prorsum show for London Fashion Week.. Can I just relay to you how exciting it was to be there, sadly I was only outside style stalking, but it was everything I had hoped for and nothing like what I expected. Does that make sense? Too many amazing faces.. Sandra of 5 inch and up, Andy of StyleScrapbook, Chiara of Blond Salad, Alexa Chung, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, George Craig(Burberry model/Emma Watson's ex), Jamie Hince (who is rather handsome in person!) and more faces I know but no names to go along with them! You'll be seeing them on many blogs and I didn't feel like shooting them so I didn't shoot much of them and want to hear something awful and basically a mortal sin in fashion blog world?? I didn't even get photos of myself *shock* *awe*... I know but when I did go to get some photos snapped my Cannon (rightfully named REBEL) wouldn't work.
Don't fret my pets, I'm hoping photos of me surface on the internet as I was style snapped myself. SO KEEP AN EYE OUT! Thanks :)

and later I went to the Neon Tree/MONA show and then to the British Fashion Council party at Mahiki. What a busy day! Bit of a wardrobe change.. hopefully pics from the day will pop up online soon!

Zara blazer, Michael Stars tee, Topshop Boutique pants, YSL platforms, Topshop earrings


  1. holy shat boo. that outfit turned out so killer. you fracking murdered that shhh.

    laa you.


  2. I love your pants!
    fantastic post by the way... good on you for stalking.

    xx Laksmono