24 August 2010

...of the Caribbean.

I am currently on vacation in St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands and haven't had any spare time to post anything!!  Right before I left was possibly the most stressful time of my life but things have gotten a little better, emphasis on little. I am in my final days of summer school and still trying to finish homework here :( while trying to relax at the same time... major bummer right?
Hoping I can get another couple post to you guys while I'm here but no promises... WiFi connections and cell reception for that matter have been absolutely awful! Hope you are enjoying the rest of your summer!

19 August 2010

Happy Birthday to ME! Grattis till mig! ¡Feliz Cumpleaños a mí!

This last weekend we celebrated my birthday, WHICH IS TODAY!, in Las Vegas! Brothers and girlfriends and lots of dancing was just what I needed...
Here is an my outfit from Saturday night. We went to dinner at Eva Longoria's restaurant Beso at Aria and then went out to Vanity at The Hard Rock Hotel, which is always a great time! I wore my new T by Alexander Wang skirt and was excited to see Caroline also has it!!

I love the velvet blue band at the top!

Nation LTD shirt, T by Alexander Wang skirt, Elizabeth and James booties, Mango purse, Robert Lee Morris for Elizabeth and James feather ring, H&M earrings 

18 August 2010

Sheer Madness.

I, once again, have been a terrible blogger! I have been extremely swamped with life and the next few days will not be any better, however I have collected a nice batch of photos for your viewing pleasure. Only 1 day till my birthday and 4 days till I'm off to St.Thomas!! 

Patterson J. Kincaid top, Levis shorts, Jeffery Campbell clogs, gifted F21 necklace, Linda Farrow x The Row sunglasses

13 August 2010

The Vampire Diaries.

Winter Kate kimono jacket, U.O. black lace trim tank, Current Elliot jeans, Jeffery Campbell platforms, borrowed hat, Alexander Wang bag, Michael Kors watch

09 August 2010

Awake My Soul

A couple days ago my friend Bianca and I had a little impromptu photo session within a matter of 10 minutes. I absolutely adore these photos so I posted quite a few.. Hope you enjoy!

J. Crew top, Resin jeans, Steven by Steve Madden brogues, Ray Ban wayfarers, vintage turquoise ring, U.O. "Leo" necklace

06 August 2010

Natural Disaster.

I've been having a fantastic couple of days and really hope they stay this great! Last night was a great night in LA with great people. I had a "quick" shopping trip before my night began, with hopes to find an outfit and sure enough I succeeded. I had planned to get a pair from Gap's denim line that hit stores August 3 but I didn't fall in love with any I saw and the rest were sold out! J. Crew has an absolutely amazing fall collection in right now and I bought a few great items there... If you haven't yet, go check out the new collection here.  Excited for my next post! I love the photos!!

J. Crew button up, Resin jeans, Miu Miu heels, TopShop bag, Target belt, U.O. "Leo" charm necklace

02 August 2010

Leo's Queen.

I hate to admit it but August is here which means my birthday is almost here. I was born on August 19th 1756. Old right?? I know, awful. (Don't they say, a true lady never reveals her age?) Anyway, I don't usually like to be home on my birthday because I hate the idea of getting older and so if I can be in a  town or country that I have never been, I can preoccupy myself with that and if I feel like celebrating I will. This year however, we were unable to leave any earlier for St. Thomas, so I will be here, but on the bright side, I will be able to celebrate with friends and family. 
I have decided then to set up a little birthday wish list, which in my opinion is rather small, but 

I think I will end up buying this one myself; I have been dying to get a new lens for my Canon Rebel XSI! My friend Trish informed me this EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM Lens would be perfect for the photos I desire and that I will never want to switch lenses... I'm just not too fond of the price tag.

I'm a sucker for motorcycles most definitely. Goodness I love the sound of them rolling down the street and watching them fly by gives me the chills. While I won't ask for a motorcycle, yet, I'll just ride my future husbands! I love vintage Harley tees as well as vintage band tees. I have a great collection going but I wouldn't turn down any additions! Melrose has some great shops, although they're a little pricey since they've already done the work and found them for you!

It is my firm belief that every fashionista, especially those with a little hippie or a little edge, should own a piece of the amazing Low Luv x Erin Wasson jewelry collection. You can usually see her wearing a lot of these pieces in different editorials or random snapshots and I just love them, especially the cross necklace! However, I wouldn't mind owning any other pieces either :) Amazing prices too

How I don't already have this I really do not know! I do have a couple random seasons, which I think I took from a sibling, but not the entire collection... I still remember staying the night at my grandma's and watching it with her and not having any idea the entire show was basically about dating and sex, ha!

Ever since I saw a street style photo in a magazine of a girl wearing an Hermès belt a couple months back, I have been dying for one. A nice 2nd hand find would be nice as a new one would be quite expensive especially for a simple belt buckle, Hermès or not!

Another firm belief I have is that every girl, fashionista or not, should own at least one nice pair of good hoop earrings. In my opinion the bigger the better, I think around 3" is good. I am in desperate need of a lovely pair of real 14k gold *or better :)* and I wouldn't mind getting white gold either!

I've been hassling my Dad for a while to dig out his old watches so I can "temporarily" borrow them, but I think he realizes my definition of borrow so he has put it off for some time. He claims when he moved he packed them away and cannot find the one he would let me borrow, hmmmmm?? I wonder! I think he should go on a birthday scavenger hunt for it!

I have way too much jewelry and not many places to put it. Plus I keep thinking of things that would look great in my future apartment, which is months and months away, but I have lusted after this jewelry stand from Urban for months now and still not purchased it. 

Ticket to see Matt and Kim at the Henry Fonda Theatre in LA on October 2nd would be perfect! My brother introduced them to me at Coachella this year and I instantly fell in love.. I couldn't stop playing their album for a good while. They are absolutely fantastic live and have the best energy of any band I've ever seen, which is quite a lot!

Tickets to see the glorious Florence and the Machine at The Wiltern in LA on November 6th or 7th would also be great. I have just started listening to this band, bandwagoner I know, however I have know about her, them, for years. Amazing music.

I would LOVE to see Phoenix at The Hollywood Bowl! I was lucky enough to see them at Coachella except I had to deal with all the kids who wanted to hear "1901" which yes is a great song, but, it is not the only great song they have! I was crammed on the side and not able to hear the full effect so I think seeing Phoenix at such a classic venue would be quite amazing! 

And finally, I have no idea what I want to do for my birthday yet, all I know is I want a Harry Potter birthday cake!! Many ideas are being tossed around but nothing is official. I will be in Las Vegas the weekend before for a joint birthday celebration and I leave 2 days after my birthday for St.Thomas in the Caribbean so I am kind of having multiple celebrations already!

images via weheartit, William Castleman, DeFunkd, Shopbop, FabSugar, UrbanOutfitters, StereoGum, MySpace, google...