27 June 2011

London take 1.

I'm leaving in about 16 hrs to visit my 'family' I had whilst living in London (see what I did there?? huh, huh? I used Brit talk! HA!) Ok yeah, I'm a geek. Anyway, I'll be in Boston for a mere 3 1/2 days and Chicago for 3. I am absolutely thrilled to see my girls again, if only we could all be in London again. We all have regular cry fest's and dream of re-living our experience (if only Doc Brown & Marty McFly were real...)

In honor of our reuniting I thought I'd post a little London diary.  One which will probably induce many a tears.

I can't hardly wait to see these girls this week. <3

09 June 2011

sunny daze ahead.

I won't even comment on my absence. Only that Mollz (semi) harassed me tonight for not updating StyleInSuburbz. SOOOOOO after a while of searching through some blogs I found some photos and narrowed it down.
just some inspiration.

wanting to expand my already large sunglass(es?) collection. all these Prada S/S '11 are killer.

While these aren't Prada's, they are UHH-MAYY-ZING! I mean a full on schmetterling, mariposa, BUTTERFLY on your face!? I don't think you know my obsession with these fascinating and gorgeous creatures, but it's huge! that's what she said.
via streetfsn, TheManRepeller, Hanelli