09 February 2011

Deceiving Nature.

I'm a bit out of sorts today... a bit sleepy... a bit creepy... anxious, annoyed, restless, dreamy, all of the above and none of the above. See what I mean? I think it's a good night for a movie. Possibly a show. The Mystery Jets are playing a show near by and I may go check it out. Then again a live band is quite different than sitting in a dark theatre and getting lost in a film, escaping the thoughts that consume our lives, yes? Yes. We'll see where the night takes me...

Zara sweater & skirt, Madewell hat, Barney's Co-Op booties, TopShop scarf, Pamela Love necklace, Erin Wasson x Low Luv bangle

love this song. love this band. and I'll be in Amsterdam in 2 weekends. perfect.


  1. Did you just bring one pair of shoes to England? Spice it up please.

  2. It could be a movie or a live concert, but you will be a queen of the night in this outfit! looove it! <3

  3. I just found your blog! LOVE it! You have great style! I am a new follower :)

    would love for you to check out my blog too :)


  4. i love the outfit. you look super cute. and do you live in england? are you staying for lfw? i wanna see the mystery jets. last year when i saw the twenty8twelve show- it made me discover mystery jets.. love that song "young love"
    hope you're having a great weekend dear


  5. I love all your accessories! xx


  6. So what did you end up doing?

  7. bro im all about that sweater. i needs meh one of dem.