20 February 2011

M(a)yfair Lady.

Night out at Mahiki last week. I have been going to the club since I was 21... or maybe before then?? Anyway, it's been a while but I love it and I'm making some lovely (albeit crazy) friendzz therrrrr. So London Fashion Week is in FULL SWING righ nah! I somehow, stupidly, planned my trip to Amsterdam this past weekend which coincided with the opening of #LFW!! Idiot right?! Yes, yes I know. Terrible. Tomorrow night (Monday) I will be heading to a LFW party at where else but.... MAHIKI!! Yess yes, pure puuurfection if I do say so myself. I shall try and take many photos for you lovelies but I am quite terrible at that. I barely took any in slAMSTERDAM. Oh well. Sorry, for my memories and you.
Ok I need my rest after a very busy weekend and for a very crazy tomorrow!

Zara blazer, Urban Outfitters tank, shorts & bralet, Jeffery Campbell booties, All Saints necklace, purse from Portobello Road


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