15 January 2011

Poison Ivy.

she is just too gorgeous, Gillian Zinser. both as Ivy on the angsty almost pre-pubecent but wonderfully addictive, 90210, as well as in reality. no more words necessary.

google image search

i am now on a man hunt for the perfect pair of old oversize old jeans to shred. a great vintage fur vest. a great new hat. a new necklace to replace my beloved cross that went missing in NYC, RIP. thanx Gillian.


  1. i really couldn't love her anyyyy more!! she is beyond. and thanks for teaching me about the tibetan healing charm, just got it and had no idea!! and LOVE the lim dress....amazing. also, thanks do much for your comments!! means alot.

    ashley <3

  2. that second picture makes me dieee I love that jacket/sweater/cardi/flyaway thing she's wearing. haha <3