03 November 2010

I'm Always Late...

Some of you may know Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday and also my Mom's birthday!! How fun!? I just love to dress up and in my opinion girls can be pretty/sexy ANY day of the year, however, they cannot be dead or goofy or a man, etc. so why would you treat Halloween like any other day?!?
This is why I like to dress up in odd/fun costumes that draw a different kind of attention than the other girls get!

My Halloween post is late, I'm sorry, but school runs my life. I was up until 7am on Halloween night/Monday morning writing a paper!! Awful I know. Things seem to be slowing down, thank goodness!

Yes that's a bloody stake coming out of my head...
The blue dress is my homemade (by mom!) Cinderella costume from 3rd grade!! She made the apron for me in high school.


  1. wow! an awesome costume!!!the thing in your head lol its absolutelly gorgeous!!!


  2. Totally cool!