21 November 2010

Golden Slumbers

I really love that my style is constantly changing according to my mood. I'm not too set in one... genre?... style. I don't only wear skinny jeans with oversized shirts (though I do quite love the look) but I've recently been getting a good wear out of some TopShop harem trousers or my jeans that are 6 years old and 4 sizes too big. I suppose it's all about personal preference. I certainly find it hard to believe when bloggers say they don't dress for the camera, that they dress based on their mood. Can't you do both? Don't you do both? We are essentially trying to show others, either ways to improve their style or I suppose just inspiration, so how would you not be dressing for the camera? 
Just some venting thoughts... time to go get dressed ;) 

H&M tee, Resin jeans, Zara wedges, Marc Jacobs bag, MK watch


  1. LOVE this outfit! and I'm the same way...my style changes every day...haha...its more fun that way :D

  2. cute outfit...


  3. sooo cute! Love this outfit. Especially, your shoes.
    xoxo Debby