13 May 2010

Will You Read to Me?

I met up with my friend Erin today for lunch and some thrift store shopping. We found a gem of a store called Hobo's Vintage and I got an amazing hippie/ Sgt. Pepper type vest that was made in Pakistan. It reminded me of something the lovely Erin Wasson might wear...
I have quite the busy weekend ahead of me and hopefully a lot of photos to follow!

Patterson J. Kincaid, Steven by Steve Madden boots, Ray-Ban sunglasses, vintage necklace & purse, Urban Outfitters flower ring 


  1. LOVE love this outfit. and hobos is the best store known to man kind? yes? yes? yes. hey, can i have this outfit? i love your outfit. gotta have your outfit.

  2. oh duh, p.s. please eat something. you are way too skinn. and duh p.s.s. i love your braid. uh duh p.s.s.s. you're so cute.