16 May 2010


Friday my brothers and I took a quick trip to Vegas. We went to Vanity at The Hard Rock Hotel and we always have a great time! Our friend Belinda from Zurich, Switzerland found some cheap flights and wanted to go, hence, we go. I only brought two outfit choices because I didn't want to check a bag at the airport, and jeans were not an option. Normally when I wear skirts, tights are a must, but I have been feeling more comfortable with myself and decided to go bare! I've had the skirt for a couple years and it doesn't quite hang right, plus it could stand to be a size or so smaller.

The Chanel tattoos are back! I can't even begin to tell you how many people commented on them, and they were mostly older people who either thought it was a neat tattoo or just bracelets that stayed in place really well, ha! Anyway, I copied 5 Inch and Up who I just love, when decided the design this time...

Zara blazer, Target tank, Go International for Target draped skirt, Urban Outfitters bralet, YSL 'Tribute' platforms, Simply Vera by Vera Wang Necklace, 

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