16 September 2011

A Month of Memories.

An overload of disposables from my Eurotrip last month. From the day I landed in London on August 2 to the day I left London on August 29th, I visited and drove through 8 countries in all. England, Spain, France, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Belgium. We drove from Paris to Sweden and back in just 2 weeks. I spent the big 2-5 in Copenhagen at one of my new favorite places in Europe: The Tivoli Gardens. It is quite the magical place and actually, Walt Disney's inspiration for Disneyland!!
Driving on the autobahn is an experience like no other and I highly recommend it for any of you thrill seekers. 
The 1st bit of pictures were taken in Ibiza, Spain.. where the water is crystal clear and the sand is pure white. Paradise. Minus the men in speedos. It's also the party capital of the world...  


Copenhagen :)

and back to my home away from home.. LONDON!

I'm actually heading back in just over a week. CAN'T WAIT!

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