18 September 2011

Basic-ly Neutral.

So it's some sort of unwritten rule that one shouldn't wear black to baby showers... or bridal showers.. or any showers for that matter.  Right? However, this is a very difficult rule to follow when all I own or am known to wear is black. It is a 'Trista-essential'. Soooooo when I needed an outfit today for a friend's baby shower located in sunny San Diego, you can understand my frustration when I go to my largely black and gray hued closet to begin that tumultuous task of finding an appropriate outfit.
Fortunately, I found this sweater placed ever so neatly on the floor. Hey, we can all relate right? Too many clothes not enough closet space?!  And this skirt which, yes, was actually tucked into a drawer, and these heels, these lovely towering embroidered heels, that seemed to fit just perfectly. I rarely wear them, I think this is the 4th time now but I have a renewed love for them (sorry Erin!).
By the way, before you wear a wool/cotton blend sweater, check the weather. They get hot. Real hot.

on me: Zara knit sweater, JCrew velvet skirt & necklace, Topshop heels, Gucci 'Hysteria' bag, vintage Gianfranco Ferré sunglasses
on Erin: Target blouse, Forever 21 skirt & belt, Saltwater sandals, Linda Farrow x The Row sunglasses

*I think I need my own pair of Saltwaters... they've really grown on me. Maybe in white?? Or black, duhh.

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