25 February 2010

sunbeams and palm trees.

Another quick day trip to Palm Springs today to get some things done. I just love it there. Today was especially beautiful! I was actually getting a little too warm in the sun... I love how the city is tucked up against the mountains and there is such a small town feel to it! It's starting to live up to it's old nickname of "Hollywood's Playground" again which is all too exciting! 
I wasn't feeling so great today but it's been a couple days since I've posted and I just love the setting here! 

Mom's vintage top, Current/Elliot Jeans, Zara open-toe clogs, Chloe sunglasses, Target belt, Michael Kors watch, Balenciaga City bag

How adorable is this car? My mom and I stopped at a local car auction that will be taking place this weekend and we found too many that we wanted to take home... I just love the color and look. It's a 1944 Willys-Overland... I don't think I've even seen one before.

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  1. Wow, that car is pretty incredible. Must... Not... Buy one...