18 February 2010

Sweet. Disposition.

It took me a while to get on the whole jean shorts with opaque tights but I thought today I'd give it a whirl and I think I'm totally on board now! The only thing is I need a smaller pair of shorts.. These ones are a more slouchy summery version than I'd like for right now but they'll have to do.
I finally found matte black nail polish and I love it! I wish they had more colors though...

Monrow long sleeve tee, Zara blazer, Levi shorts, Steven by Steve Madden brogues, Michael Kors watch, Urban horn necklace, Forever 21 double finger ring

Photo Credit: Trisha Lynch

1 comment:

  1. You forgot to credit "Tava Lanes bowling shoes." Juuust kidding I love the tights with shorts and the matte nail polish. And since when do the photographers start getting cred??

    -Erin, not Kevin. I don't know how to change the account.