08 February 2010

Night and Day....

So this past friday my mom and I went to a Go Red luncheon in Palm Springs. Red attire was requested so I had to make a little trip to South Coast plaza! It is a difficult thing finding something red right now, which seems a little strange since Valentine's Day is right around the corner...
Anyway, I ended up finding an amazing dress at Barney's Co-op and loved the result!

My mom looks too pretty! Her dress is older than I am!

Later that night, my parents and I went to see Annie at the newly refurbished theatre in town. I loved my outfit too much so I decided to wear it again, with a few changes to make it more nighttime appropriate. I added black opaque tights and switched to patent platforms because it was raining.

Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent exclusively for Co-op dress, H&M puff sleeve blazer, Zara wrap around belt, vintage red clutch from Grandma, Christian Louboutin "Declic" suede pumps (daytime), Yves Saint Laurent "Tribute" patent platforms (nighttime)

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