27 September 2010

Lone Star Dreamin'

I don't know if any of you are aware, but maybe you have turned on the news today and heard that today was the hottest day on record in Los Angeles! Yes, 113º F.  I am a bit east of there and I can't imagine that it was much cooler. In fact my car even said it was 113º as well.  I even came home at 3 pm to a house that was out of power, which I assumed was due to the heat (it is a normal occurrence in the So Cal serious heat). There aren't even any outfits suitable for this kind of heat, unless a bikini is appropriate attire for college? Last time I checked, they weren't.
I know these photos have already been all over the blogosphere, however, I just absolutely adore them. And with the Texas heat, they seem perfect for today.

P.S. THIS IS MY 100TH POST!! It's taken me a bit longer than anticipated but I did it!!  It has been amazing and I hope to continue with this new love. So far, senior year has been crazier than I hoped but I promise you will see more of me and my inspirations.
Thanks to all of you. Sincerely. You make me happy. You make me smile. You encourage me.  
I hope I do the same for you. 

- TristaEmma


  1. Yay 100 what an accomplishment!!! Love the one of her sitting in her underwear smoking and reading the paper...hotness!