11 June 2010

We all have an addiction...

Sorry for the lack of updates lately! I have been unbelievably busy which results in my being terribly lazy... awful! Anyway, last week I found this pair of Prada slingback/mary-jane/peep-toe heels at Saks' pre-sale! There was also a great pair of Miu Miu tan suede platform sandals but I refrained as I have some Jeffery Campbell's that are very similar.  I love these Prada's though! They have just enough edge with the triple strap but still remain girly and classic. My first pair of Prada's!!

Another exciting purchase this week is the Alexander Wang "Rocco" bag with a strap. Apparently the new ones with the straps are flying off the shelves faster than last seasons without the strap that are ON SALE! I have been waiting for this bag for a while now and have been in desperate need of a new purse too!

I cannot wait to use this gorgeous bag!

My friend Bianca pointed out the "A" zipper

I spy a hidden zippered pocket... do you?


  1. hi, the alexander wang bag is awesome

  2. Beautiful!!! Loveeee it with the strap! (and oh my, stunning heels!) x