08 September 2009

Crazy Little Thing Called Love.

I cannot fully explain my love of fashion. There is just something about a great pair of Christian Louboutin's or this seasons "oh so desirable" Balmain strong shoulder jackets or even the simple tees by Elizabeth and James. I literally get the chills just thinking about them. I don't know where this obsession came from but I cannot contain it and I know that my future will somehow be involved in the labyrinth that is the world of fashion...
So, I am starting this blog because I have too many outfits running around in my head and no one to show them to. Also, I feel that if I know my outfit will be viewed by any number of people, it will motivate me to put on something other than jeans and a tee (oh how I love my James Jeans and flannel!). My outfits won't be full of designer pieces because, aside from my shoes, I don't really own any amazing designer pieces. Nevertheless I have clothes that I love and want to share. I hope you enjoy and I hope I actually keep up with the posting!
In more exciting news:
I just bought a new pair of Yves Saint Laurent ankle strap pumps and I am in love with them; Possibly more than any other pair of shoes I own! I'd like to consider them a birthday present, for I did see them on a lovely lady at Nobu in London on my birthday. I have been unable to forget them since then and I knew I had to have them. Unfortunately, I don't have anywhere to wear them but I'm working on that. Pictures coming soon!

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