27 April 2011

Coachella (in)disposables and polaroids.

finally a post. and i'd like to think its a darn good one too. no digital crap here. just good ol' fashion photos here mah friends. Coachella was, as usual, a splendid time. Mollz of Riff-Raff and i ran around like we ran the thing. pool time, lots of dancing time, friend time, new friend time, an overload of music time OBVIOUSLY, plenty of coffee, and (put on your best Italiano accent) Spicy Pizza Pie time. All in all, pure perfection. and no sunburn. YOU should all be bummed if you missed out.

can hardly wait till Coachella 2012 rolls around...


  1. Looks amazing! Love the style of photos!
    Hot Pink Day

  2. so.. this is a long shot, but i'm pretty sure that you or your friend took a picture of me on the first night (big glasses, unnecessary fur hat, a look on my face that says "i'm on drugs", etc.)

    assuming i'm right, and if you happen to still have that, i'd really love a copy--primarily because it's the only photo documentation i have that i was there that weekend, ha. thanks.